Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Catching up


                             Hi Everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

             Sorry I have not posted lately.I have been 
             very busy.I hope I can do more post.I will
             tell you what is going on on my next post.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014



There are 7 continents. There are 2 Americas, South and North. I live in North America. There's Asia, Antarctica and Australia too. Lastly there's Africa and Europe.


These are what the continents look like             


If you look at a globe that's 3 dimensional, you are going to see a black or dark blue line around it evenly. It's called an equator. That mean on those areas in the world that the equator touches it's really hot.


 The equator is the black line


The difference between a country and a continent is a few countries make a continent. Like in North America, Canada, the USA and Mexico make that continent.



If you look at a globe you see bumps on it. Those places have mountains. How big the bump is how big the mountain is. If it's flat that mean it has no mountains there.                                                          

To look at the world some people look at a globe or a map.
A map is 2D. A globe is 3D. 2D is flat so a map is flat. 

Here is what a map looks like.                          And here is what the globe looks like.

Some people say there are 5 oceans and some people say there are 4 oceans. There's the
                 PACIFIC OCEAN
                 ATLANTIC OCEAN
                 INDIAN OCEAN
                 SOUTHERN OCEAN
                 ARCTIC OCEAN
Here's the oceans.

                 GEOGRAPHY            IS             AWESOME!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


How I Made My Froggy

What it's made out of - wood; a  clothespin and googly eyes

What color it is - Red and Green

Where - carpentry class

I think my froggy is cool because it can open its mouth.
You can open its mouth by pressing its head.  I made it by sanding all of the pieces. Then I took both of the legs, and took the stomach and glued them together.
Then I took the clothespin and glued it on the stomach.  Finally took the head and carefully and also glued it on the clothespin then I took the two oval things and glued it on the head.  I took two googly eyes and glued it on.  Then the next time when I went to carpentry I, painted my frog.  here were colors like Green and yellow and a tiny bit of red.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What i like.

My favorite food is cotton candy.

My favorite sports are gymnastics and swimming.

My favorite color is turquoise

My favorite thing is my IPAD2

My favorite place is Myrtle Beach