Wednesday, February 13, 2013


How I Made My Froggy

What it's made out of - wood; a  clothespin and googly eyes

What color it is - Red and Green

Where - carpentry class

I think my froggy is cool because it can open its mouth.
You can open its mouth by pressing its head.  I made it by sanding all of the pieces. Then I took both of the legs, and took the stomach and glued them together.
Then I took the clothespin and glued it on the stomach.  Finally took the head and carefully and also glued it on the clothespin then I took the two oval things and glued it on the head.  I took two googly eyes and glued it on.  Then the next time when I went to carpentry I, painted my frog.  here were colors like Green and yellow and a tiny bit of red.